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Post  xPeLvSQ_Qx on Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:54 pm

i got banned for paypal charge heres the info

According to our records your account is temporarily blocked due to a Paypal chargeback for the following payments.

ID: 2J536251JP246474P Date :7/27/2010 8:00:53 AM

A USD $10 fee would be added to each chargeback on your account plus the owed amount for each to be able to unblock the account. All chargebacks can only be paid by money order from your bank or western union payable to G4Box Inc. for the full amount owing (with extra fees included) in US funds.

Please also make sure your money order is international ( Payable in Canada if you don't live in Canada), write down your game id on the back of the money order with a pencil, and remember to sign your name on the money order before you mail it to us. It can then be mailed to the following address.

885 Don mills Road
Suite 202
Toronto, Canada
M3C 1V9

For more information please send us a support ticket or you can call us at 416-444-4832.
Admin x]

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