crossfire how to bunny hop (bhop)

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crossfire how to bunny hop (bhop)

Post  xBrandanQ_Qx on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:38 pm

Basic Tutorial On how to b-hop in crossfire
B-hopping can be useful in modes like g.m its a movement of not being seen

There are 3 types of bhops
1) Back bhop
2) Forward Bhop
3) Side Bhop & fs Bhop

How to do Back Bhop
1) Join a game
2) Hold 'S'and 'Ctrl'
3) Now your holding 'S' + 'Ctrl" now hit space bar
4) Back hop is done
5) When you hit the ground Automacially press 'Space bar'
6) In this b-hop your 5% visible

How to do Forward Bhop
1) Join a Game
2) Press 'W' for about 2-4 secs
3) When doing step 2 jump in the air
4) when your jumping in mid air press 'Ctrl'
5) when you hit the ground press space bar again,This part is essential if you stuff up this you have to start again.
6) This Bhop your 0% visible you will flash in first 2-3 jumps after that your 0% visible

How To FS bhop, Side bhop
1)Repeat Forward B-hop with just the control with 'A' & 'D'
2)FS bhop is Fully Sick bhop but with 0% visibability for this you need 150+ FPS

This is how you b-hop in Crossfire
And thats the end of my bunny hopping guide !

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