Crossfire advanced tactics

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Crossfire advanced tactics

Post  xBrandanQ_Qx on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:16 pm

Specttres Tutorial On Crossfire Advanced Tactics


Welcome to Specttre's tutorial on crossfire advanced tactics.

Map Work

When moving around the map, it's imperative that you stay silent. We do this for a number of reasons but the main two are, being able to listen for enemies easier and enemies not being able to hear you.

You can stay silent by slow walking (shift + WASD) nearly everywhere. Watch the surface you are on before running. Wood and corrugated iron make lots of noise wherealse concrete and brick is much more quiet.
Make sure you don't fall anywhere that will make you lose damage as this lets out a loud grunt from your character. The two things that you need to avoid the most are reloading and water. These can be heard from further away than anything else, and for that reason I try not to do them while there are enemies in the vicinity.

-Map Work
Map work is the paths you move and places you go around the map. These change greatly with your playing style but all have a few of the same features.
You always want to be waiting for your enemy
You never want your enemy waiting for you
Avoid getting too far ahead of teammates
If camping/hiding, try hiding near a spot that if people run over, will generate alot of noise (eg. the house near B in Eagle-Eyes)
You just need to keep these things in mind while playing. Try and have a route planned out before you start, don't just run around the map hoping to run into opponents.

The radar is the most undervalued thing in the whole game of crossfire. Most players immediately dismiss it as useless but this is not the case. Although it does not show enemies, or shooting teammates it does something much better.

Instead of your dot just blinking out of existence when you die, the radar puts a big X where you just died. This is pretty much an ENEMIES NEAR HERE sign for you.

It also show you where the majority of your team is and the places they are which can be useful in planning a route. Use NUM+ and NUM- to zoom in and out on your radar.

Now that you are experienced with the game, you can probably play with the controls however you like. I have kept everything the same because i am used to those controls and have used them for a long time.

First thing you are going to have to do is lower your sensitivity. This helps immensly with the shooting tactics we are about to use. I have lowered my sensitivity down to This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x600 and weights 103KB.

ASSAULT RIFLES: When shooting with an aussault rifle, you pretty much always aim for the head unless the enemy is at close range. Try and keep popping in and out of cover by jumping out, crouching in mid-air and one shotting at their head. If there is no nearby cover available then hold shift and strafe side to side (A then D then A then D etc.) while taking bursts at their head.

These are how many shots are recommended in a burst from these guns:
M4A1 = 4
AK47 = 3
XM8 = 3
ScarL = 4
Type89 = 3
AK74 = 2
Aug = 2
K2 = 3

SMG: You pretty much want to avoid SMG's if you are looking for high scores (with the exception of the kriss and M12s). If using an SMG you want to get as close to as many enemies as possible, as fast as possible. When attacking with an SMG try not to go anywhere without a little bit of cover or a corner to hide behind while you reload (which you will do often). Other than that just spray and pray.

SNIPER: Sniper is probably the most complex form of fighting but can reap the most rewards. With these tactics you wont even need a secondary weapon.

Use grenades wisely. Place smokes in common positions to attract enemies attention while you shoot them down. Try and generate confusion. A well placed frag grenade or flash can easily change an enemies path. As for the shooting there are many types of shots. I will go through them all and how to do them now.

Quickscoping - Hit left and right mouse butttons at nearly the exact same time. Scope in uber fast and nail the enemy. Good for if enemies suddenly turn a corner on you but recquires quite a bit of practice
Hardscoping - The normal type of shooting, scope in and wait for enemies or scope, aim then shoot
No-Scoping - A highly inaccurate way of trying to shoot a close enemy. I highly prefer half scoping.
Half Scoping - Half scope in (you have to be amazing fast on the buttons) and raise your accuracy into somewhere between no scoping and hardscoping. Good for VERY close range enemies
Drag Scoping - You must have ping over 100 to do this well. Works best on running opponents. Hardscope as normal but as you shoot, drag/flick your cursor across the enemies body in whichever way they are moving. The bullet will hit anything withing that flick. Do the flick too big and it wont work
Jump Shotting - Jump into the air and crouch in midair. Shoot the enemy at the height of the jump. If you get good at it, you will win nearly every 1on1 sniper fight

I'm not going to include any other types of guns in this as I don't use them so wouldn't know enough correct information about them to give a good guide of them.

I'm happy to give people any help XDD
BY xBrandanQ_Qx


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