[b]How to Apply For REVENGED[/b]

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[b]How to Apply For REVENGED[/b]

Post  xPeLvSQ_Qx on Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:49 am

This Tutorial will show the requirements/questions of joining the family:

1) Your name: (Real Name)
2) Do you Buy zp or surveys? (Answer Zp/Survey or Both)
3) Do you have m60? (Answer Yes/No)
4) Your kill death ratio?
5) Are You Active?
6) What Country do you live in?

1) Must be Postive k/d
2) Must be friendly
3) Minimum 2-5 hours of gaming a week
4) Dont Beg for zp/Lt spot

Anyone who fill out this form [Copy&Paste in thier application] will be rejected] unless they are a friend/invited

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